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Editorial Review: IRCTC Rail Connect App

The IRCTC Rail Connect app, a flagship digital solution by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC), was designed to streamline and enhance the train ticket booking experience in India. With a promise to simplify ticketing through features like swipe, shuffle, and book, biometric logins, and integration of various quotas and payment modes, the app aimed to revolutionize train travel in the country. However, recent user feedback paints a picture of dismay and frustration.

Despite its ambitious launch and the incorporation of numerous user-centric features such as easy registration, enhanced security, an integrated dashboard, and the ability to handle various train-related queries and bookings, the app seems to be struggling with technical robustness and user experience. Reviews from late 2023 indicate a range of issues, from slow performance and frequent crashes to problems with ticket booking and payment processing. Users have reported difficulties with logging in, especially with OTP verification, and the app often fails to update booking statuses accurately.

A significant number of users have expressed dissatisfaction with the app’s user interface (UI), describing it as outdated and overly complicated. The addition of unrelated features, such as bill payments and advertisements, has cluttered the interface, deviating from its core purpose of train ticket booking. This has led to confusion and inefficiency, detracting from the user experience.

Furthermore, several users have encountered serious glitches, such as the app crashing after payment, leading to failed transactions but debited accounts. There are also complaints about the lack of responsiveness from the customer service team, leaving users with unresolved issues and a sense of neglect.

On the positive side, a few users have acknowledged the app’s potential and its range of features. For instance, the integration of diverse payment methods, the Vikalp scheme for waitlisted passengers, and the online reservation chart are seen as valuable additions. However, these positives are heavily overshadowed by the technical issues plaguing the app.

In conclusion, while the IRCTC Rail Connect app stands as a significant initiative towards digitalizing train ticket booking in India, its execution leaves much to be desired. Addressing the technical issues, simplifying the UI, and focusing on core functionalities while ensuring reliable customer support, could help the app realize its full potential. The IRCTC team needs to take user feedback seriously and work on making the app more reliable, user-friendly, and focused on its primary function of train ticket booking and management.

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